English Springer Spaniel Tea Towel

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If you own a Springer Spaniel, or simply love the breed, we have the perfect tea towel for you - it's almost too good for the drying up!

Part of our top 10 breeds collection, English Springer Spaniels currently hold the number three position in the top ten most popular dog breeds in the UK (2016).

Printed on the Tea Towel is a picture of an English Springer Spaniel with the Caption:

"Springers, with their black-and-white or liver-and-white markings, are capable of working tirelessly all day and are always ready to enter even the coldest water. Like so many of the gun dog breeds, their cheerful extrovert nature has endeared them to the general public, and they are in great demand as energetic companions for a growing family."

Made with 100% cotton and measuring 75x50cm.

Also available as a matching Apron, Cushion or Mug.