Crufts Rubber Grooming Mitt

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Turn grooming time into play time with your dog with our brand new Crufts Rubber Grooming Mitt.

The soft and gentle rubber will massage and clean your dog's coat all while being a great bonding experience for dog and owner alike.  Being rubber, it works well wet or dry and therefore is great for use in and out of the bath- your dog will love to be stroked with this mitt!

  • Easy to use, easy grip, flexible palm pod
  • Gentle with no sharp bristles
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Removes dead hair to promote new growth
  • Massager Mitt designed for wet or dry use
  • Keeps pets happy, clean and healthy
  • Promotes blood circulation

This rubber pad is suitable for all breeds of dog, especially those with shorter coats. The rubber points massage the skin and stimulate the coat, this helps in the production of natural oils and at the same time assist the removal of loose hairs. This mitt is great for use whilst bathing.