Crufts Double Sided Bristle & Pins Grooming Brush

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Keep your dogs coat healthy and shiny with this double sided grooming brush. 

Soft nylon bristles on one side to help remove lose hair and stimulate natural oils, helping to promote a healthy shiny coat.

Wire pins on the other side reduce mats and tangles of dogs with longer coats, removing any dead or unwanted hair as well as keeping your pets coat knot free.

  • Cushioned for greater comfort
  • Suitable for short, medium and long coats
  • Stainless steel pins help remove loose hair and debris
  • Soft bristles help to finish off and add a soft sheen to the coat
  • Functional and comfortable soft grip

This brush is ideal for daily brushing and detangling. This brush is cushioned for greater comfort and has reinforced pins penetrate deep into pet's coat without harming the skin. The soft grip handle offers maximum control and comfort. Shedding is significantly reduced, creating a healthy and shiny coat.