Basic Training Tips

Basic Training Tips

Welcome to our first blog post in this series for Tips, Tricks and Training. We will be regularly updating this blog with new and useful information for you to use for free.


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In this post we will be covering a bit of basic training for dogs, an overview of how they learn from us and how we can encourage their learning.


For basic training you need to start with the 3 R’s;

  • Repeat
  • Reward
  • Reinforce


Repeat what you say to your dog, this helps them understand what you want.

Reward your dog for their good behaviour to keep them happy, ensuring they stay obedient.

Reinforce the training regularly so your dog doesn’t forget what they have learnt.


By repeating what you say to your dog, they become familiar with the words, then by physically showing your dog what these words mean, it will help them understand how to react to them correctly.

Always reward your dog as soon as they have obeyed a command so they know what they have done right, they will then know what to do to be rewarded again. Use treats as an reward, gradually move to verbal praise and stroking so they’re not just motivated by food.

However make sure the treats are healthy for your dog and you’re using the right amount of treats to keep your dog motivated.


Quick tip - Don’t use treats after your dog has eaten a meal. It will not be as effective, so use verbal praise or stroking for rewards.


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