Promotional Terms and Conditions

#DogOfTheMonth Terms and Condiditons 

By commenting on our social media posts about #DogOfTheDay, #DogOfTheWeek or #DogOfTheMonth with a photo of your dog, their name, their breed and a short description about them, you agree to allow us to post them on our social media, our website and include them in our #DogOfTheWeek and #DogOfTheMonth emails.

If you win #DogOfTheMonth we will contact you via the social media platform you first entered the competition on. We will ask for you address to send you the winning prize of a free personalised #DogOfTheMonth Mug. The mug will include a photo of your dog which you first uploaded to the competition and your dogs name. 

We will not refund or replace the mug after we have sent it to you as it is a bespoke one off product for the winner of #DogOfTheMonth.

If you have any questions please email: